Joel Ashton McCarthy made a list of people who blew him away at the Whistler Film Festival… No. 9 on the list is Sage Brocklebank for his acting role in Suspension. Read the article…

The Soska Sisters Will Co-Write and Star in Horror-Comedy ‘Puppet Killer’

The Soska Sisters are taking a step back from the director’s chair for their next feature, but they’re still going to be heavily involved both behind the camera and in front of it… Read the article…

suspension_titleMy favourite supporting character was Deputy Jacobs (Sage Brocklebank), the clumsy police officer whose ineptitude provides some comic relief, without ever feeling out of context. Horror and drama take precedence, but comedy is blended in at opportune moments, adding an extra dimension of enjoyment to a movie that only hits high notes. Read full review... Kiefan Fisher

Attack of the Couch Potato

suspension_titleSuspension strikes the balance beautifully, with plenty of thanks going to co-producer Sage Brocklebank, who plays the at times surreal role of Deputy Jacobs very deftly indeed.  He makes the character funny without turning him into a buffoon (never a guarantee in these films!)…  All I’m going to say here is… electric knife.  Wow. Read full review… Ziggy Berkeley

Cinema on the Rocks

suspension_titleFrom the second we clap eyes on the opening credits we know we’re in for a slick ride, and thankfully it remembers to look cinematically elegant throughout, while expertly maintaining its tight grip on any tension built… The scriptwriter knows his way around a macabre gag too, tactfully dropping laughs into the darkest of scenarios. Wickedly funny stuff. Read full review… The Blue Took

The Slaughtered Bird

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